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Sierra found herself surrounded by music at a very early age. Her father was the prominent guitar sideman Billy Swan, who wrote, performed and toured with Kris Kristofferson and Kinky Friedman, among many others. Her sister Planet is also a singer, and was another source of music in her childhood. "I actually grew up fighting the urge to tackle music, but I was also completely mesmerized by it. I saw first hand what a weird lifestyle it can be and truth be told, I wanted to play basketball or dance, but sometimes you have to follow your fate and this is clearly mine." The final sign towards her musical journey came at 13 when she and her family went on vacation. "I remember going to Vegas and watching The Jordanaires perform with this Patsy Cline tribute singer. I was so excited and elated. It was the closest thing I was ever going to get to seeing the real Patsy, and after hearing and seeing that show I pretty much knew that it was time to get serious about the world of music."

From that point on, Sierra did exactly that. The songs started coming to her at age 16, and she almost immediately began performing at the Insomnia coffee house in Van Nuys. At 18, she had already established a weekly residency at Goldfinger’s in Hollywood. "I really started to understand what performing and songwriting was all about. Granted, I was churning out some pretty terrible stuff back then, but in the process I was starting to find myself and my direction. I realized that performing is like a little high and I guess you could say it's the healthiest drug I've ever done," confesses Sierra.

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